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This radiographic (x-ray) examination is utilized to demonstrate the uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes. This procedure must be performed within the first ten days after the onset of your menstrual period.

The procedure will be performed by a Radiologist (a doctor specially trained in the interpretation of radiographs and radiographic examinations) and a female radiologic technologist in the radiology department. How the Procedure Works: The uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes are normally almost totally transparent to x-rays and to be studied a special solution (contrast media) must be introduced into these structures. Passed through a speculum and into the opening of the cervix. The contrast media is then injected into the uterine cavity while the radiologist watches with a fluoroscope. The fluoroscope is a x-ray machine which utilizes a TV screen and allows the radiologist to observe these structures immediately. It will be necessary for you to hold your breath and remain motionless as the x-ray exposures are made. After the radiographs (films) are automatically developed, the radiologist will check their quality. The technologist will advise you when the examination is completed. The radiologist will review and interpret the study and his report will be sent to your physician.

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